Things That Are Blocking Your Drains

Some might argue that these are not really essentials for your bathroom in your home, and they can be right, it’s actually optional. These are just what I believe that would help you in providing a functional and at the same time artful design to the bathroom that is sure to impress you and the people that will use it.We have all been there, it is irritating, disgusting, and stressful, that is having clogged drainage. They start of as minor issues that eventually lead to a bigger problems overtime. Having clogged drains can cause slow water drainage, flooding, and in some extreme cases, sewage backup which would make you cost more for all the repairs that are going to be done on it. Which is why it would be best to know what are the causes of these blockages in order to prevent it from happening.


We would often enjoy our installed hot water system Brighton wherein taking warm baths just helps us relax after a long day’s work, and in that duration we would barely notice that there are a lot of hairs being plucked out from our scalp and would lead on towards our drain. Hair is one of the most common and biggest culprit when it comes to clogging which is why it is important to place guards on all the drains that catches hair and be able to just clear it up.

Food wastes

Whenever we wash our dishes, there are some plates that have a few food wastes that sticks and gets left behind. Food should never be thrown in the drain, moreover plates should be clear from any food even if you think it would be easily broken down. Even if you think that it is only just a tiny bit of food being washed, overtime it mushes up together and causes blocked drains Bentleigh East. Always make sure that every plate and utensils are clear from any food wastes.

Toilet papers and baby wipes

Throw your toilet papers in the trash! Too much toilet paper thrown in it eventually builds up and stops it from flushing, it also becomes problematic to our oceans and water creatures. They may be disposable but it does not necessarily mean it should be disposed in the toilet as often as you can. They can easily stick together and have other things sticking to it as well which will quickly clog your drain.

Small objects

Whether those are small toys, cotton buds, bobby pins, rubber bands, or whatsoever, being washed up by the water would help them find their way to your drains and into your plumbing supply which will cost you highly. When it comes to your toilet, sink, and drains the only things that should go through it are water and human wastes. Any small objects that you see should be picked up right away and be disposed.