Helpful Tips To Properly Fasten Your Wooden Deck

stainless-steel-fastenersIt might have been quite a while since you last built a wooden deck yourself. As you probably know, technology is developing at a rapid rate, and procedures thought to be cutting edge just a decade ago might be a thing of the past right now. While the process of building a wooden deck itself hasn’t changed that much, you might want to check new developments in order to ensure a better build.The last wooden deck you built was probably fastened and joined together using little more than a few screw nails and a Philips screwdriver. Although this might seem like it is enough to hold your wooden boards together, you can produce better results by taking all of the following into consideration:

  • Choosing the Right Type of Screws – The choice you make with regards to what type of screw to use can impact the durability of the wooden deck you are about to build. Specialized stainless steel decking screws are some of the best type of screws to use in situations like this, mainly due to their high resistance to corrosion, while providing good fastening abilities for their use case. This type of screw is also easy to drive into the wooden boards due to their sharpened points, requiring no pre-drilling of holes. Being easy to drive into the wood doesn’t mean that they are easy to pull out, however, due to the way they are designed.
  • Check the Material of the Deck – While most of the older decks used to be made mostly out of natural wood, nowadays there are several alternatives that can take their place. We are talking about planks made of pressure treated wood as well as those made of composite materials which, although resembling wood in their outer appearance, are completely different structurally. For such materials, consider using something other than stainless steel screws. Deck screws that are specially designed for use with composite boards ensure secure fastening without causing damage to the board itself.
  • Use Hidden Fasteners Australia for Visual Appeal – If you don’t like the screws being exposed to the outside, you will want to use special fasteners that can be hidden from view to secure your deck. Fasteners may either be attached to the top or to the bottom of the boards, but the latter type can be an issue if the boars are placed low down in the group or very high up. Also remember to choose fasteners which allow you to replace damaged boards without having to undo all the connections, as this can be quite a hassle when it comes to long-term maintenance work. For more information, please log on to